Monty Rex Dinosaur

Monty Rex Dinosaur

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Monty Rex moves his tail, arms, and head as he sniffs, roars, purrs, and even walks like a real dinosaur. The interactive, robotic T-Rex roars back when you roar at him, and he dances along to three built-in songs. You can even feed Monty Rex, and hell chomp his food and burp when hes done!

An interactive, animated dinosaur, Monty Rex dinosaur stomps, roars, sniffs and sneezes, plays music, and even burps after being fed a big meal. Designed for ages three and up, this fun-loving tyrannosaurus rex toy is ideal for both younger and older children since it is so versatile in its interactive, role-playing abilities.

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Playskool Monty Rex Dinosaur

This animated T-Rex is great for all ages because your child can fit Monty's interactions to their own curiosities and developmental level. He does such a large variety of sounds and actions, it's easy to understand why children could be entertained for long periods of time.

Monty can also help your child learn a bit more about their new prehistoric friend, thanks to the discovery sheet that is included in the box. The discovery sheet offers a a few interesting facts about Monty, opening the doors to possible future research into dinosaurs.

Lifelike Features of the Kota and Pals Monty T-Rex

Monty Rex can move and interact through the six built-in touch and sound sensors located on his face, back, and tail. The toy can walk and stomp and move his head, tail, and arms. He even dances along to any of his three built-in songs. To get Monty going, just touch his back! An auto shut-off feature preserves battery life if you forget to turn Monty off.

Monty Rex Features & Specs